I Travel…

From Africa to France, from Italy to Brazil, from Cleveland to Chicago, from Charlotte and beyond… I just like to go.  I have had some of the most amazing experiences and good times in places where I did not know the language, or did not fully understand the culture, but adapted throughout the journey.

My first international trip was in 2006, I travel on a clinical study abroad trip, I was not studying anything medical related at the time, but  learned and performed basic triage  task and helped out where needed. [http://www.bonyoskenyamission.org/] We served at a small clinic in Masara, Kenya, which was close to the city of Kisumu.  I spent 3 weeks seeing simple and treatable illnesses to extreme diagnosis where no treatment was available.

I later used the clinic as the selected site for my undergraduate thesis project, which explored healthcare design.

From then on I have continuously tried to expand my travel experience.  It has been a terrific journey since then.  Next I traveled to France briefly in Paris, but more lengthily in Quimper, where I had a relative participating in the Euro Basketball league. This international travel soon became a habit as I decided to study abroad again and again to Italy and Brazil during my graduate studies!

All of these trips have played a significant part in expanding my perception of the world, and has made me more appreciative of the beauty of the connecting differences that we internationally share. I’d like to think that this mentality will help me become a better designer because of all the various cultures I have had a chance to be influenced by and briefly immersed in.

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