Hopping Back 2 Hip…

Map Sketch
Map Sketch

I recently re-visited my sketch book from my Thesis graduate work and decided to see if it actually made sense.  It’s been about 2 years (wow) since researching, thinking, designing and completing(kinda) this project.  I must admit I was a little worried that taking a step back and now together would expose some major flaws and “what was I thinking” moments, but instead it sparked my interest to dig a bit deeper and expand my knowledge not just on what my concepts were, but also how to widen the spectrum of my arguments and seek out further what could be if architecture’s purpose was to act an empowerment tool.  Exploring and connecting the dots of cultural identities and the links to communities in which these identities are presumed, developed and nurtured.  (sometimes properly, but mostly inappropriately)

So what can this all mean? Stay tuned as I will attempt to keep blogging about this theoretical journey back to my views on what community development is and how my previous solution to city issues differs to my perspective now.  Over the past year I have been invested in community development initiatives and am experiencing in real life the issues my thesis project addressed.  How lucky am I? Very!  😉

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